Saturday, March 24, 2012

Water Day Seminar

Bhoomi organised a  Save Water seminar on 21-3-12 at DAV School of Education Hoshiarpur. Following are the press clippings

Monday, March 19, 2012

Kitchen Gardening & Organic Farming Seminar

Dr SS Kandhari addressing the seminar 

          A seminar was held on " Kitchen Gardening , Organic Farming and Food/Fruit Preservation Techniques  by Bhoomi in collaboration with ATMA ( Agriculture Techniques Management Agency ) at Krishi Bhawan Hoshiarpur on March 18th ,2012 Sunday . About 70 persons participated in it.  Dr Surjit Singh Kandhari,  Chief Agricultural Officer -cum- Project Director ATMA and his team including Dr Yadwinder Singh , Dr. Naresh Kumar , Dr. Jaspal Singh  and Dr Kamaljit Singh discussed the various aspects of organic farming ,  benefits of kitchen gardening and Fruit preservation   . Dr Kandhari gave valuable information about   the bio - based pesticides made from Neem, sour buttermilk, green chillies , cow  urine, turmeric  etc. Highlight of his talk was the concept of  Bio dynamic Agricultural based on the position of planets as followed by our forefathers .
         Dr. Yadwinder Singh talked about benefits of  Vermicompost and its manufacturing.He explained in detail about the methods and process of making the vermicompost and its nutritional value.
           Dr Naresh  told  about the kitchen gardening concept and how to go about it. He  explained that how can we ensure round the year supply of home grown vegetables by proper planning and sowing of different vegetables at different time of the year.
           Dr. Jaspal Singh explained in detail about the  methods of food and fruit preservation and how to make useful items like fruit juice concentrates , pickles , jams etc from fruits.  They gave practical tips  and  made us aware about the latest in these fields.
(Particapants listening attentively )

           Dr Gurbaksh Singh Project Director  of the Project ATMA conducted the seminar  efficiently and competently . His interjections were informative,  interesting  and of great practical value I hope the participants would have gained meaningful knowledge and will derive maximum benefits from this seminar.
I personally think that ATMA is doing a good job by creating awareness about the harms of fertilizers and pesticides and depleting water table . More such types of interactions are  the need of the hour.

( Dr Rajinder Sharma  addressing seminar) 

         Dr Rajender Sharma , President Bhoomi  in his concluding  address  exhorted the participants to make good use of the tips given by the experts. He also asked the audience to save water and adopt rain water harvesting techniques to improve the ground water table. He emphasized the fact  that the poisoning of the groundwater in Punjab,which  started as a fallout of green revolution of seventies has reached alarming proportions and  situation can only be salvaged by ground water recharging and banning of pesticides and fertilizers. So the need of the hour is to to switch to organic farming and use of bio-based pesticide along with rainwater harvesting and change in crop pattern.

(View of audience)
            I must congratulate  Dr SS Kandhari and his team for an excellent seminar. Dr Gurbaksh Singh Project Director of  ATMA deserves special praise for the wonderful job he is doing . The whole emphasis in the seminar was on blending newer techniques with age old wisdom and use of commonly available bio sources rather than  expensive and hazardous chemicals based  farming . Overall a rich experience.
  Mr.Rajinder Moudgil, Mrs Reeta Moudgil , Mrs. Anita Sharma, Mr. & Mrs.  Chitranjan Jain,Mr. & Mrs. Pankaj Sharma , Mr.& Mrs.  Raman Kumar Sharma,Mr. & Mrs. Sanjiv Sharma and his family ,Sh Rajat Kuthiala , Sh.Jaswinder Singh , Mr Rakesh Mohan , Mr Vishal Datta ,Mrs. Savita  Jaryal , Mr Paramjit Singh were other notable participants.
 ( Mr Manoj Sharma rendering "Bhoomi Geet"

   The seminar concluded with a vote of Thanks by Dr. Kamaljit Singh  and rendering of "Bhoomi Geet" praying for peace and happiness in this Universe by Mr Manoj Sharma ,Secretary Bhoomi.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Innovative Use of waste plastic bottles---- GO GREEN

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Environment Awareness Camp 2001

Environment Awareness-cum- Family Get-together Camp

An awareness camp about environment with the basic theme of " Dangers of Polythene"  and a family get-together was organised by Bhoomi  at  Village Mehngrowal, District Hoshiarpur , Punjab on 11th Dec. 2011.

 Mehngrowal is a sleepy hamlet located in the semi hilly area bordering Himachal Pardesh  in the foot hills of Shivalik Range of Hills.There is a earthen dam named Damsal Dam  built to harness the water of seasonal rivulets of Shivaliks for irrigation purposes.  This was the place where camping was done in the morning and Children participated in painting competition and their parents un-winded themselves .  Children were taken for a tour of the dam under the guidance of Sh Manoj Kumar and Sh Pankaj Sharma and they understood the working of the dam , its advantages and its impact upon the environment and the agriculture of the area. They also carried out cleanliness drive in the surroundings .Then the party moved to the Mehngrowal Rest House located near by and a seminar on the "Dangers of Polythene" was held . Children enthusiastically participated in it and enlightened us about the adverse impacts of the Polythene. Surabhi, Lakshit , Akhilesh , Aashu, Adhishwar, Vasundhra, Vendatika, Ishaan , Tamisha participated in the seminar. Mr Manoj Sharma Secretary conducted the proceedings. The camp concluded with everyone pledging to work for protecting our environment and enrich our Earth. Mr and Mrs.Lokesh Chowbey and Mr. & Mrs. Neeraj Jain were the  welcome Guests   and they thoroughly enjoyed the proceedings . I hope every member will cherish the sweet memories of this educational entertainment for long